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Completely useless with sierra

The icon in the menu bar only shows up when all drives are unmounted. When drives are mounted the icon is invisible. Support doesn’t answer. This is the very first 1 star review I do, but it’s not even worth the star.

unomunts but never remounts

My SD Card is unmounted when the Mac goes to sleep, but once I wake up the MacBook Pro (with El Capitan) the card never gets mounted again, not even ejecting it manually and reinserting it. I need to restart everytime this happens. There is nothing on Mountain’s web page or on the FAQ to solve this problem. Usless app, don’t waste your money.

Essential App

So good, it should have been built-in.

Essential & works great

I’ve been using Mountain for a couple of years. withOUT Mountain on Mac OS X: There are so many times when external disks are physically connected and powered and the Mac OS just won’t see them. I’ve searched far and wide for convenient ways to see/mount/remount/recognize these disks. No luck. Disk Utility hasnt not worked. Terminal commands are inconvenient. I had to resort to physically reconnecting power and/or signal cables. Completely not sensible. Inconvenient. Apple, you are grossly deficient in this area! For the high prices I pay for Apple goods, I expect better. with Mountain on Mac OS X: I just go to the menu bar, pull down, and remount or unmount the ones I want. They are all shown. Simple & easy. Essential. Thank you to Jan &! The price is well worth the functionality received.


Volumes do not stay mounted. This program claims it will keep your drives mounted. I have two WD externals that will not stay mounted…….3TB-- WDBYCC0030HBK……. 4TB — WDBFJK0040HBK Any clues?




I personally find the app to be very helpful. It does exactly what it is expected to do. Most especially, i have the problem that my internet stick once inserted into the USB drive mounts automatically and unmounts immediately and automatically. This problem is resolved now as i can easily mount it with the mountain app with just 2 click. In general it is a good app. Just go for it!

DONT buy the App store version! - entirely different version, less functionality, higher price!

I tested the demo version from the developers website, found it useful as it provides the functionality of assigning global key shortcuts to mount/ unmount volumes. I found the payment process of the developers online shop cumbersome and to my regret opted to buy the app in the Apple App store - this was a major fault! The app sold on the app store is: - 20% more expensive than the purchase on the developers website! - offers less functionality (the key board shortcuts are entirely missing!) In this form the app offers for me absolutely no functionality over the functions, I have already within the I would not have bought this app for 5,50 EUR and wasted this money, if I would have known this. I will not use the App Store anymore to purchase third party software. The offering is often inferior, the update process and network connection during downloads is abysmal and promised customer support is lacking. There is also a huge disconnect the actual developer and the customer, as often enough the developers do not or cannot offer support, as the unresponsive App Store support is in line towards the customer first. This is a very negative customer experience.

Burns through 100% CPU for nothing...

I was wondering what happened to my CPU when the fans started spinning up… until I found that Mountain consumed 100% CPU on my Yosemite OS X. I had no such issues on Mavericks. Result: Uninstalled.

A useful app

Mountain is a useful app if you work with a lot of disk images, external drives and network shares. I particularly like the ability to remount drives that have bene unmounted. Its only the first version, and there is still room for improvement. I contacted the developer, who is quite responsive and reports that new features are coming soon.

Pretty good app

Love it and use it everyday to eject my devices!

*** Not compatible with 10.8.1 ******

**************** UPDATED 29 Aug 12 --- version 1.0.1 is not compatible with OS 10.8.1 Mountain Lion. I will gladly update my review once the developer releases a new patch (which was promised some time ago), but otherwise, user beware: drives will unmount but remain visible on the desktop, leading to crashes of the Finder, possible corrupted data, and kernel panics. ***************** Review for 10.8: This handy app allows easy dismounting and remounting of external drives and volumes. It does the job well. It is bare bones, but unlike similar apps, it also lists unmounted (but powered) external drives, and allows you to remount them — a handy feature that remounts without powering up/down a drive. It also appears to be in development by a responsive, professional developer, who is interested in making it quite multifunctional with feature releases. I bought the app to support its development. In future releases, Im looking forwards to options that will remount drives upon wake, suspend Time Machine upon dismount and sleep, etc. Such features will allow full integration with backup schedules to external drives and wake/sleep schedules.

Great to remount ejected external drives

I love that I can remount an ejected drive without unplugging it and plugging it back in wihtout using terminal. Very useful.

Very convenient, safer for me

With three external hard drives, I use Mountain a lot. Two drives are for a large iTunes library plus its backup, the other drive is main system backup. Somehow with Mountain I forget to unmount the externals less often.

Awesome! 5*****

This is a great little app for unmounting external hard drives and flash drives from your Mac with ease. I personally love it because it allows me to clear my desktop of all icons and still be able to remove my external drives from the top bar, instead of opening a finder window. Definitely worth the buy!

Simply works as expected...

Mountain is a welcome addition to my uncrowded menu bar. A simple app that works flawlessly.

Don’t loose your money!

If you are able to use the right clic button of your mouse, you dont need this app… or there is something i dont understand how it is supposed to work with internal drives… will try to figure and will update this review if needed…


Great little app. It does exactly what it says it dose; no bells, no whistles, no neon lights. Just dependable performance.

Great app

This is such a simple app sitting my menu bar, but I use it everyday. Very useful.

Very useful app.

Very useful app! But for now I can give only 4 stars. Guys please add some shortcuts!!!

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